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TIGER: Releases November 2, 2018 in Theatres

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Poetry Currently Appearing:

Redemptions versus Final Judgments
for Antoinette

We’re lucky.  We live pretty well, materially speaking.
No real complaints; we’re busy and business is good.
Our unusual niche in the food chain is wreaking or eking
Out justice or vending mercy as equally as you would

If you found yourself the one responsible for churning
Investments into profits from yields derived of foreclosures.
Are all the properties and souls insured against burning?
Each file tells a story with photos and enclosures

And every bankrupt action tells a tale.
And every tax collector tells each sinner
To redeem their lot and do it by certified mail.
When Final Judgment is given by the Court to the winner,

It’s hard to tell if some sad soul enters hell
Or if it’s just another house to sell.

Scrambled Alphabet


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